A memorable soul transforming experience

Mythical land where history is as impressive as architecture. A colorful region rich in diversity

  • DelhiCapital of India, Delhi is a city with a vast historical context. It was ruled by some of the most powerful emperors in Indian history. Feel the pulse of Delhi and its old city, the red fort whose complex was built as the new capital of the 5th Mughal emperor of India Shah Jahan is considered to be the epitome of refinement during this reign.
  • Colonie LodhiA green and peaceful neighborhood where you will see dozens of murals painted on houses built for government employees in the 1940s.
  • MandawaFamous for its Havelis, Mandawa has some of the richest of Rajasthan. Among these are several of the most artistic murals. The Shekhawati Regional Palace is certainly a place where you will need to have your camera handy.
  • Fatehpur – BikanerSurrounded by the Thar Desert, you will visit the 16th century Fort Junagarh, Bhandasar Jain Temple, some Havelis and crowded markets, the Camel Research Center and the Karni Mata Hindu Temple (Rat Temple).
  • JaisalmerThe yellow city with its Sonar Quila fort is very different from other great forts in Rajasthan. It is inhabited! There are shops, markets, houses, a hotel, a museum and a Jain templeVisit villages including Kuldhara, and Lodhurva as well as Haveli Patwa. Relax in the Thar Desert, ride a camel and enjoy the tribal and gypsy dance of the Kalbeliya people.
  • OsiyanVisit the ancient trading city of Osiyan where you will see temples with fine and delicate carvings.
  • Jodhpur

    The magnificent blue city in itself justifies the visit. 

    Visit Fort Mehrangarh, gateway to the Thar Desert and the Jaswan Thada cenotaph. The clock tower, a popular landmark in the old town. Around it, is a colorful market where you can buy lots of spices, saris, textiles and anything else you can think of.

    Explore the art of carpet weaving and pottery around Jodhpur. Meet the famous Bishnoi whose culture is both fascinating and certainly inspiring in these times of ecological awareness needs.

  • Ranakpur

    Visit a jain temple on the way to Udaipur.

  • Udaipur

    Named the Venice of the West, it has a complex system of lakes surrounding palaces, temples, ancient dwellings on the shores and an impressive collection of heritage hotels. 

    The romantic Aravali hill from where you can admire the palace on the shores of Lake Pichola. Take a boat trip on the lake, discover the Jag Mandir palace. Take a stroll in the Saheliyon Ki Bari garden. With chance, meet Kalbeliya gypsy friends and spend a great time in their company. Guaranteed smiles. Depending on availability, you will attend an entertaining folk show at Bagora Ki Haveli.

    A free day is included on the tour so you can satisfy your aspirations. Among the available options Yoga, walk and shopping, markets like Hatha Pool bazaar, Bada Bazaar or Chetak Circle, local cooking and art classes and more. A day at YOUR pace.

  • Pushkar

    On the way to Pushkar, visit the Sas Bahu temple. 

    Pushkar is a sacred city for Hindus, its lake is considered for its so-called holy waters. Surrounded by 400 temples including the multi-colored Brahma temple. The many pilgrims are an excellent opportunity to go on a superb photo safari.

    Charming little town, perfect for another free day during which you can stroll in the market, relax and do some people watching from a cafe, walk around the lake, ride a camel, go on a photo safari…

  • Jaipur

    The Pink City is the first city in India to be planned. Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan. With its seven front doors, flower markets, fortune tellers, artisans and animals, two palaces: Hawa Mahal and Jan Mahal, you won’t be bored. Go back in history with a visit to Fort Amber. Visit the Bapu bazaa.r

  • Jantar Mantar

    A stone observatory which represents the culmination of India’s medieval astronomy.


Amber fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, …


Ecologist, they have a culture of their own…

Thar Desert

Camel ride. night in the seders, Kalbeliya dance.

Some of the magnificent examples of Rajput architecture include the Mehrangarh fort, Amber Fort, Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal and the City Palace in Udaipur.


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Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, is famous for its rich culture and heritage. Rajasthanis love their food and it is evident in their preparations.


Dal Bati Churma and Laal Maas are the most famous dishes from the state. Every food enthusiast must have tasted them at least once.

The arid nature of the region, the extreme climatic conditions, scarcity of water and vegetation has witnessed evolvement of unique cooking styles and food habits of the natives that is noticea-bly different from other Indian cuisines. Rajasthani breads are made out of conventional staples of the region like corn, barley, millet and wheat.

Foodies, know that there is something for you there!

Of the so many dishes and sweet treats you will come across you should not miss out on Laal Maas – a spicy dish coloured from the fiery Reshampati red chillies, Mohan Maas – meal perfect for the Maharajas, this is a treat for every non-vegetarian. The meat is cooked with milk and mild spices which makes it tender and juicy. The thick gravy infused with the flavours of khus-khus, lemon and cardamom, Ker Sangri -a typical desert vegetable served as pickle, Gatte ki Khichdi – the best rice preparation one can have in Rajasthan…just to mention a few….

Rajasthan is known for its toothsome sweets, so you’ll have more than you can ask for when comes the time for you to have a sweet bite or dessert.

Sweet Dishes In Rajasthan, sweets are never referred as desserts and are savoured prior to, during and after the meal. Different sweet dishes from different parts of Rajasthan are Rassgollas from Bikaner, Malpauas from Pushkar, Mawa from Alwar and Mawa Kachori from Jodhpur.


The Arts of Rajasthan

Rajputs sure knew how to fight a battle and how to create an artistic legacy. Rajasthan’s culture expresses itself through literature poetry…


music, dance, painting and archi-tecture. Jewelry, among which stones are a specialty (Jaipur), handicraft, leather, textile and other ornamental beauty you most likely will want to bring back home.


Gypsy and nomadic tribal dance is a highlight in Rajasthan. Even if not on our thematic gypsy and tribal dance tour you sure will have the…


privilege to see the gypsies of the origin. No, they are not originally from any other country you thought they were from before. It all started in India, in Rajasthan more precisely. Then they traveled to many other countries. But that’s another story that we will share with you when time comes.

Gypsies where entertainers for the royal highness even though considered as untouchable. They danced, sangs and played music for special event.


Puppetry is one of the most acclaimed, yet endangered, performing arts of the state. It dates back to the 19th century. The artists where…


travelling from village to village for their storytelling puppet shows.

Will you resist the temptation to get a beautiful, colourful puppets, hand made in a rustic way, as a souvenir?

Rajasthan is famed for its miniatures – small-scale paintings full of a surprising amount of intri-cate details. A form of art dating form 16th century. Sculpture and Phad painting enrich the wide variety of art you’ll find there. Phad is a kind of scroll painting done on cloth and portrays dei-ties, mythology and legends of Rajput kings. The Bhopas, a nomadic tribe use them when travel-ling to attract the attention as to where their performance will be presented.

Fresco painting, originating in Italy, arrived in Rajasthan with the Mughals. Some of the finest can be seen in some Haveli such as Shekhawati.

Paper making, leatherwork, camel leather shoes oriental scandals, pottery, hand woven carpet as well as textile abound in Rajasthan.

Jaipur sure is the best place to have your custom jewellery and vedic astrological gems special jewels made.



Architecture The most spectacular buildings are the fairy-tale forts – 1,001 nights tales to say it all- and palaces built by Rajputs and Mughals.


Rajasthan’s earliest surviving small temples date from the Gupta period, built between the 4th and 6th century.

Most of Rajasthan’s forts and palaceswere built between the 15th and 18th centuries, during the Mughal reign in Delhi. Some of the magnificent examples of Rajput architecture include theAmber Fort, Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal and the City Palace in Udaipur.

Merchants residences called havelis built and decorated in an artistic way showcasing the impor-tance and prosperity of the owner. Some do have beautiful frescoes, others feature fine sandstone carving.

The importance of water is such that the architecture of wells and reservoirs rivals other struc-tures of the state. Many step-wells baoris are worth the detour. Another construction you will come across is the Chhatris (cenotaphs). They were built in honor of the maharajas, nobles and, in some cases of wealthy merchants.

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