Egypt – An outstanding nomadic and community encounter

Upcoming tour 2023

The circuit will take place from April to May, 2024.

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This special tour will be a great opportunity to open up to desert farming cooperation, to meet with the bedouins and to get a real feeling of desert people’s life.

A tour design by Insightful Travel and Egyptian friend who returned to her homeland to start an organic farm in the desert of Mount Sinaï.

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Travelers who want to experience real life and concentrate on meeting with people, many from remote areas might find their share of transformational travel here. Some of the major attractions will be part of the tour, but the JOURNEY, the inner and outer traveled journey, will bring everyone way farther than a regular touristic Egypt trip usually would.

It will travel to Cairo, Old Cairo, Aswan, Giza, Shiwa, Mount Sinaï where among other activities, people will get a «hands on» desert organic farming experience, meet the bedouin doctors and discover some of their herbal ancient medicine, Nubian island, spice and handicraft markets, Mount Moïse, Catherine monastery and among other experiences it will bring you to sand bath, Cleopatra spring water bath, do some horseback and camel riding and, get to enjoy and even take part in some traditional dancing and music entertainment. The rhythm of this music and mesmerizing oriental dance is likely to get to you in such a way that you are likely to find yourself dancing your soul out.

While organized, this trip has an element of undeniable adventure.

The activities of the program and the places to be visited are always subject to unexcpected situations which could require us to change plans. The logistical details cannot all be provided or guaranteed in advance. The traveler must therefore be inclined to live the experience without feeling in control. He must be able to be flexible and adaptable and focus on the richness of the experience and let go of the need to know everything in all minor details in advance without feeling insecure.

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