New Mexico – The real land of enchantment!

“Red or green ?” or “Christmas ?”

Can frequently be confused by it’s singular and unique use as a “greeting” in New Mexico. Thus, chilli pepper, red or green, you guessed it, it’s an integral part of the culture and is the host of all (or almost) what is eaten or drunk. So you will be asked this question invariably. Undecided? Take both and say “Christmas”!

Yes Chilli, but so much more!

The 6 inhabitants per km2 of this state are waiting for you to visit them.

New Mexico is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes: mountains with snow-capped peaks and often covered with forests, mesas or vast trays bruised by the erosion, typical of arid regions, multicolored deserts…

Among our favorite places you can, according to your circuit, cross the largest desert of gypsum in the world called White Sands because of the white color of its dunes. Sante Fe, the beautiful, the older than Boston city. Has incredible cultural richness with Spanish, Native American, Mexican and even Western influences… Conde Nast Traveler magazine voted it “Best Small Town in the United States”.

Albuquerque and its pretty downtown alleys in Old Albuquerque where you can feel the presence of Mexican culture and the typical architecture of adobe houses with their chilli boots and “RISTRAS” hung on the balconies, see Jimez Mountain, the Ojo Caliente’s famous thermal waters and so much more to discover and enjoy. A detour via Taos is essential, that city to be visited on foot. It is characterized by pueblo architecture and its beamed houses made of clay bricks and straw, its pretty museums and charming little cafés and markets where you can stroll and enjoy the laidback attitude of the locals.

New Mexico is truly “a land of enchantment,” as its slogan so aptly says it. The beauty is omnipresent: architecture, art, clothing, jewelry… even the highways are salmon pink and turquoise blue and adorned with indigenous paintings!

After a trip in New Mexico, we do not come out as we entered. We come out touched to the heart and mind, body and soul, the heart filled with the beauty of this sky as far as the eye can see.

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