A welcoming nomadic culture, vast and untouched landscapes of pristine beauty will provide travelers with an authentic life changing experience. Mongolia is a rugged country with an incredible history and pride drawn from the legacy of Gengis Khan and the conquests that covered a large part of the world in the 13° Century. Sandwiched between Russia and China it became subject to their territorial fight. It was under the Russian influence for most of the 20° Century while a part was annexed to China becoming a new province – Inner Mongolia.

Nowadays, Mongolia is emerging as a young democratic country with a new generation rising beyond communism. Agriculture and tourism, becoming an important economic activity has led to the development of the new international airport of Ulan Bator and the improvement of various facilities. However, in many areas, travel can be rough sometimes and offer only basic facilites.

Mongolians warmly welcome any visitor with great generosity. The nomadic culture naturally tends to be highly hospitable, which makes locals very accessible. You can sleep in their yurt (ger), participate in their daily life and enjoy their company immersing yourself in their very ancient way of life. Nowadays, it feels refreshing and inspiring to meet with people who are so open to strangers.

Keep in mind that it’s all based on reciprocity. Generous, they expect you to be. Go with a bunch of offerings for families and, especially kids.

What is Mongolia about today?
Seemingly endless landscape of untouched nature, wild horses, camels, yurt, hunting, fishing in some areas, nomadic people…But also big city life in the capital with all the consumerism that goes with it. It’s a society evolving at a mind blowing pace and traveling there now is witnessing dramatically fast changes.

Naadam festival
Famous among the Mongolians, this festival was founded in 1207 by Gengis Khan and was celebrated during the entire existence of the Mongol empire. It was restored in 1921 when they won independence from China.

This national gathering is also known as ERIIN GURVAN NAADAM, which means the 3 manly games, namely: wrestling, horse racing and archery. It combines with artistic expression such as singing, dance and performing. Nowadays women also take part in some sports competitions.

It is a sophisticated and eloquent expression of this nomadic culture

In 2010, it was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Herit-age of Humanity of UNESCO.

It is held around mid July. Dates may vary according to the area where it is held for climate reasons as Mongolians choose the best moment of the year to gather.

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