Vision – A taste of the world

A traveler in her soul, curious and passionate, Francine Tellier develops trips to singular courses. She has traveled to Asia, the United States and Mexico since 1984. Ever since, she lived, worked and studied in China, India and MexicoConsidered an intercultural bridge, her vision of a successful journey compares to a work of art, a growing experience that opens the horizons, inspires and transforms. Her tours are designed accordingly and she works with handpicked people to offer you the best in her travel style, since 1992. She loves the places, people and culture she invites you to discover with her. The journey becomes an act of love and passion which creates memorable moments of life.

Francine’s journeys are based on the SPIRIT. This spirit that inhabits the populations visited and that expresses itself through their way of life, their identity, their beliefs and the rituals which constitutes their culture. A SPIRIT OF AUTHENTICITY. A spirit you encounter by meeting with local people and share moments of their daily life. A life that is natural and not set up for touristic groups. This spirit and this way of inquiry made the choice of the name INSIGHTFUL TRAVEL a clear  way to represent her offer.

Some tours explore a specialized thematic such as tea, cooking, spices, markets, nomads, dance, meditation, tai ji, yoga, buddhism, ayurveda.

Sustainable travels

Insightful Travel works with family own businesses and invests in local conservation projects utilizing as much as possible community based initiatives in tours and services. Whenever it is possible, Insightful Travel works with green hotels as much as possible and encourages local economy privileging small entreprises.

Environmental protection and conservation is a core goal of Insightful Travel which promotes from within, encouraging travelers to use wisely the resources they are provided with by saving and recycling as much as possible and even sharing some insights with them about how environmental care can be put into act in the visited country.

To Insightful Travel, it goes beyond the concept of caring and embrasses sustainability in action by: ensuring that the money invested goes in local community projects. Insightful Travel supports various communities and projects among which are children of nomadic desert areas, Tibetan refugees and orphanage, mountain villagers and desert communities, desert communities planting trees every year out of their own initiative, Gypsies in India, organic desert farming and bedouins in Egypt, Mountaineers and village children education in Nepal, and contributes to carbon compensation but offering you the possibility to make a difference by paying carbon credit when booking a tour.

Small group tours

We believe in small group travels as it allows us to provide you with a more personalized attention and a much closer contact with local communities. Which translates as a very unique and transformative experience. Journeys that usually don’t leave you unchanged. You enrich yourself in an unexpected way.

Although we focus on small group experience, we have the structure to welcome bigger groups in North India, may it be what you need.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
– Henry Miller

Two roads diverged in a wood and I — I took the one less traveled by.
– Robert Frost