Upcoming Tour 2023

A 28 days tour passing through this charming French influenced place where the quietness of the old city allows one to enjoys a biking ride, a stroll or a coffee in one of the famous coffee shops and bakeries.

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Formerly known as Pondicherry, it usually goes by the name of PONDY. The union territory was ruled by the French until 1954. Franche language is still present and some people even speak English with a French accent.

The seductive French lifestyle is present in shops, hotels, restaurants and enhanced by creative Indian designers and artists. Shopping, eating and drinking will sure be moments of enjoyment.

But Puducherry has a lot much more to offer: a nice morning bike ride, a stroll on the beach front or the backwaters, a walk in the Tamil neighborhood, a discovery of the market area, interesting cultural «hands on» classes such as cooking, Kolam making, mehendi, dance, yoga, Kalaripayatt which will be real highlights of your passage. You can even go surfing during your free time

Auroville and the Sri Aurobindo ashram are highly spiritual places attracting their lots of visitors, followers and even people who settle there to live. However, there are also other good places to indulge in one’s spiritual quest in the form of regular classes, retreats, or certification training in yoga or meditation.

The area where we concentrate more is the beautiful and old French part. Quiet, clean, somehow romantic, it is filled with bougainvilleas. It is very easy to adopt the place and to make yourself at home. The modern part of town is as hectic as a city can be.

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