Kalbeliya and tribal dance, Rajasthan

Upcoming Thematic Tour 2022-2023

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This thematic tour highlights diverse nomadic dance styles of Rajasthan.

While traveling, meeting with people, discovering their culture and visiting some of the not to be missed historic sites, there will be a focus on nomadic dance.

A special attention will be put on the art expression of the Kalbeliya – the snake charmers. A community that was tabooed for belonging to the untouchable caste. Having a nomadic way of life they have always been very close to nature and therefore snakes, which abound in the desert of Rajasthan. They found a cure for snake bites and became skin venom antidote sellers. They developed a dance style observing the snake moves and their entire art form became very much in demand.

Looked down by society they kept being asked to entertain the nobles and for various types of celebrations. Around 1980 it started to gain popularity and it evolved from a desert and street art expression to world class big stage performances. It then moved from a simple tribal dance style to a more sophisticated and elaborated set of arrangements including various aspects of daily life presented in a more complex and spectacular way.

Kalbeliya art form is very joyful, dynamic and acrobatic when performed by the best dancers.

Our dance tour will include some classes with some of the best and most well known dancers as well as with other tribal people. It can be an interesting way to discover and explore while giving it a try as well as it can be a great opportunity for a trained dancer to enrich her-his dance style with an incursion into this spectrum of dance.

This thematic tour with plenty of opportunities to see different shows ranging from a traditional folkloric dance to some remote tribes style to the nowadays famous Kalbeliya.

A tour that also be a specialized one and address trained dancers in search of a complete workshop. It will be our pleasure to put it up according to your time and needs.

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