Rishikesh, land to connect with yourself


Land of all ashrams, yoga styles, mantra recitation and recording to be heard all over the place and meditation types and so much more. Here as for the rest of the country, diversity is key word. Enough to feel dizzy trying to figure out where to go, with who study, which style to pick up.

But how exactly did Rishikesh grow as such a place? I started to come here 18 years ago and I saw a tremendous change. From one bookstore and very few hotels it became a Mecca of it all.

What made it so famous?

The Beatles!

Yes, the Beatles as they came to study meditation. Then The famous Steve Jobs who also came for meditation. It looks like it gave stunning results in both cases. So it appears to be tempting enough to attract people from all over the world and a tremendous development of «guruism», multitude of schools and all types of businesses.

If you happen to be looking for cheap budget hotel you might as well end up completely out of your mind facing the abundance of the offer. However, I have to say that even if there are way too many places, looking for cheap places is not such an easy task. There are plenty yes, but, when it comes to to find one where minimal cleanliness, view and where you will not have to climb high enough to touch the clouds passing by…the matter gets complicated and time consuming enough.

Just gave it a swing today as a travel agent and tour operator to study what the market is nowadays and it hit me seriously. So better say it straight: there are nice and very nice hotels where you’ll have it all without having to do your daily workout each time you want to go in and out your room. Needless to say that they sure not among the cheap one of the area.

Rishikesh sure became the place where yoga and meditation practitioners come for a retreat be it short or long, to get internationally renown accreditation (and what could be best than have certification from the very place it was born to?), or live the hippy lifestyle still alive around here or for the back packer trip. No matter what brings you here, you can enjoy the very ancient

Aarti ceremony, go picture taking (subjects are numerous!) and indulge in various Ayurvedic treatments as well as take part into many adventure activities.

Rishikesh is also a place where you and your team can come for team building activities doing river rafting or other activities we can offer you.

Craving for adrenaline peak moments? Here it is too: zip line, bungee jump, climbing…

You prefer a quiet moment away from the crowd from time to time? Well a nice trek can also be organized. Know that it is not advised to go out by yourself for such an excursion as wild animal abound and very near human settlements.

What more can you ask for right?

Well, come join us and we’ll show you around and you’ll maybe be able to answer part of the question after few days here.

Beware though, looks like some people get to stay here for longer periods…would you be one of them?

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